Jackson using a flint

13 Feb

Jackson didn’t want to be outdone by his brothers!

Jackson wants to show you how to build a fire while you are in the wilderness.
A flint, some pine needles, and a little determination.
What you don’t see in this video is how he was successful.
As long as you can find dry pine needles, which even in a heavy rain a good stand of pine trees will have some areas of dry needles, you could start a fire with a flint.In the Idaho forest moss seems to grow on almost every tree, which works best for actually catching a spark from the flint. Since we are just practicing here in Boise, Jackson used some dryer lint from the clothes dryer. It works great!

Follow us on our adventures this summer 2011.
Adventure #1 is 2 days, 1 night
Adventure #2 is 4 days, 3 nights.
2 Families, 2 Men and 6 boys.
Nothing but knives, canteens, and flints.

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