Wilderness Survival Tools

25 Mar

So if you’re going on an adventure, and want to really feel like you are “surviving”, then there are some tools you’ll want to bring along. I don’t mean if you’re camping in a motorhome or rv, and I don’t mean staying at the Holiday Inn. I’m talking about going out into the wilderness and feeling like you have conquered something. Do you know where to find food? Can you make a fire to stay warm at night? What materials will you use to make a shelter?

Here are Cody and Clint talking about what supplies they want to bring with and why. The supplies we are planning to take are knives, canteen and cup, and flints.

Follow us on our adventures this summer 2011.
Adventure #1 is 2 days, 1 night
Adventure #2 is 4 days, 3 nights.
2 Families, 2 Men and 6 boys.
Nothing but knives, canteens, and flints.

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