Wilderness Survival Finding Food

26 Mar

You’re in the wilderness, you don’t have any food with you and the nearest grocery store is 100 miles away. Now what? Would you know which plants to eat? Which plants are poisonous? If you don’t know which plants to eat you could use the same book that we have, Edible Wild Plants. It has thousands of different plant species from all over North America. It will show you which plants to eat raw and which plants to cook, and which plants to avoid altogether. The thing I really liked about this book is that every plant has a picture to help with field identification.

Here Jackson has taken a plant from our yard and cooked it. He wanted to try it to see if it was good to eat.

Follow us on our adventures this summer 2011.
Adventure #1 is 2 days, 1 night
Adventure #2 is 4 days, 3 nights.
2 Families, 2 Men and 6 boys.
Nothing but knives, canteens, and flints.

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