Fresh Water Oysters on the South Fork Salmon

30 Jul

Last weekend we hiked into the South Fork of the Salmon River. We caught frogs, fish, and ended with finding a bed of fresh water Oysters. After filling almost a 5 gallon buckets worth we headed back to camp and started the fire again. We boiled water in our canteens, then with a rolling boil happening we dropped the live oysters in. We also put in some salty seasoning in with the oysters. After about 5 minutes of cooking all the shells had popped open, which was our indicator that the oysters were fully cooked and ready to eat. It was great eating fresh oysters on a sandy beach of a wild Idaho river!


One Response to “Fresh Water Oysters on the South Fork Salmon”

  1. Reid Coy August 1, 2011 at 9:11 am #

    Never knew fresh water oysters existed! Better than worms for sure!

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