Our Families

We are regular families living in Boise, Idaho.
We enjoy camping, fishing, hiking and other activities common to Idaho.

What makes us different is how we try to go outside and make an adventure every weekend.
If there is free time we are out looking for fossils, swimming, fishing, hiking, gold panning, or other adventures.

The Hersey Family

Hersey Family

Rich, Jackson, Parker, Clint, Cody

During our adventures
I will be the Dad
Jackson will be 14
Cody will be 12
Clint will be 10
Parker will be 9

The Arroyo Family

Jess Arroyo

Jess Arroyo

During our adventures
Jess will be the Dad
Josh will be 15
Jonah will be 14

Our families have had many trips around Idaho and experienced a lot of fun together!

Both Familes

Josh, Roo, Clint, Jackson, Cody, Jonah, Parker

Both Families

Jackson, Josh, Jonah and Cody on a Petroglyph

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